DESERTFEST Berlin 2014: First Bands Announced & Early Bird Tickets Available

Desertfest Berlin 2014 - Early Bird Tickets

DESERTFEST Berlin 2014 is now officially launched!

The unique HeavyRock-Stoner-Doom-Sludge and Psychedelic Rock event is ready to take off for the third time on April 24th, 25th, 26th 2014.

Just like last year, the festival will be nested in the epicentre of Berlin’s underground culture: the famous Astra Kulturhaus in Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg with its vibrant rock atmosphere.

Early Bird Tickets are now available HERE for the special price of 77 Eur, these are limited so be quick as once sold out, tickets will become available on general sale.

Black Rainbows

DESERTFEST Berlin have also started announcing the line-up for 2014 and the first band confirmed is coming from Rome (IT) ! Please welcome warmly the heavy psych rockers BLACK RAINBOWS!

Founded in 2005 by Gabriele Fiori and joined by Dario Iocca and Alberto Croce, BLACK RAINBOWS are one of the most active bands around with hundreds of shows all around the world and 4 official releases out til now ! They sound like a mix of 70’s like MC5, Blue Cheer, Hawkwind, Black Sabbath and hard psych-stoner from 90’s as Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Fu-manchu, Qotsa e Nebula!

After 3 Full-Length studio album, a split with space kings FARFLUNG and a 7” out, they are now going to release a new EP on Heavy Psych Sounds Records, with 6 brand new killer songs for 36 minutes of music…

They have toured Europe several times, toured US and Russia and invited to festivals such Duna Jam and Stoned From The Underground. Now they are going to rock the Astra Kulturhaus!

Causa Sui

Danish psych-rock band CAUSA SUI have also confirmed to play an EXCLUSIVE show at Deserfest Berlin in 2014!

What you will get with CAUSA SUI is four Danes with a love of acid-based garage rock that draws as much from The Stooges as they do from Hendrix or Blue Cheer.

Their compositions are rich and varied, a heady, fuzzed-out mix of 60’s acid rock, kraut rock and proto-hardrock that CAUSA SUI manage to make heavy without a bombastic approach.

Since their formation in 2005, CAUSA SUI have become an underground force in the psychedelic stoner scene.

Their musical formula, usually consisting of intricate, dynamic tunes that build up from laid back, jazz-influenced jams to heavy, focused outbursts, has improved a lot along the decade. Almost each year calls for a new CAUSA SUI album, and after a two years gap, the prolific Danish four-piece have finally dropped “Euporie Tide” last August, their best effort so far that solidifies the band’s leading position in the psychedelic stoner field!


And finally, every once in a while, a rock band comes along that defies categorization while somehow sounding familiar in oh-so-many ways. Boston’s GOZU is one such band!

GOZU first appeared on the scene in 2008 with the release of their seven track EP.

GOZU laid down the rock but also brought the groove on songs such as the human-empowerment anthem “Rise Up” and D.A.R.E.-baiting “Meth Cowboy”. Fronted by the man with a plan, Marc Gaffney, aka Gaff, who has the pipes Chris Cornell used to possess before he started modelling men’s cologne, GOZU plays the sort of rock tailor made to be blasted out on radio airwaves nationwide, ala early Queens of the Stone Age. It’s the kind of rock music that pulls up alongside you while you’re walking down the street minding your own business, demands that you “get in the fucking car”, proceeds to drive 90 mph down the wrong side of the highway, and then drops you off miles from home at some abandoned rest stop.

Following the success of Locust Season in 2010, GOZU returned to Mad Oak Studios and The Bridge Sound and Stage in 2012 to put their second album to tape : ” The Fury of a Patient Man” sees Gozu still driven by Gaff’s melted butter melodies and Doug’s ultra-thick riffs, but the scope has expanded! Come and check it out yourself next April!