DesertFest 2014 London Take The Blues Pills

Blues Pills - Photo by Linda Akerberg

Blues Pills are the ultimate example of the return of pure, unadulterated blues in the modern age.

Elin Larsson, Cory Berry, Zack Anderson and Dorian Sorriaux come from three different sections of the globe: Sweden, America and France, and were drawn together over shared talent and the magic that comes along with playing the blues from the heart.

With Elin’s voice sounding like an even more powerful Grace Slick, Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin combined mixed with warm, retro tones and knock-you-on-your-back guitar solos, Blues Pills’ new EP ‘Devil Man’ sounds akin to an amped-up Jimi Hendrix or Cream. You could even say it’s what Graveyard might sound like if they had a pair of ear-blasting female lungs at the helm. Either way, this is exactly what we need in order to keep resurrecting the heart of rock ‘n’ roll; which is, after all, what DesertFest is all about.

DesertFest London 2014 takes place over the weekend of the 25th-27th April 2014 across 3 venues in Camden, London and along with the addition of Blues Pills, bands confirmed so far include:

Spirit Caravan
Church of Misery
Master Musicians of Bukkake
Blues Pills
Monkey 3
The Machine
Black Rainbows
Dragged into Sunlight
The Body
War Wolf
Hey Colossus

Weekend passes for DesertFest London 2014 are available from Leeds Tickets HERE.