Dead Meadow To Release New Album ‘Warble Womb’ In October; ‘1000 Dreams’ Now Available To Stream

Dead Meadow

Warble Womb, where it’s warm, a shelter from the storm.  Three years since the last Dead Meadow release the band has seen line-up changes, continued their rigorous touring schedule and worked with legendary artists like Dave Davies of the Kinks. Members of the band have made solo records and Jason Simon has continued his country-Dylan-inspired Old Testament into new ground and new recordings.  Steve Kille has continued recording artists such as Kim Deal and ex-GBV alumni, Jim Greer, along with running a label and playing bass in a recent incarnation of fellow tripper Steve McBean’s version of Pink Mountaintops.  Most importantly is the return of original drummer, Mark Laughlin who in 1998 co-founded Dead Meadow.  On this 75 minute album, we hear him again on a studio record for the first time in eleven years.

Dead Meadow has long made these journeys into fantasy and mystic rock pop.  The three original players self-producing on their own time and on their own dime, give us the soundtrack of their lives – classic tunes that will remind us what made them unique so many years ago.

Listen to the track ‘1000 Dreams‘ below.

Influenced by reggae and dub along with the classic rock riffs they proudly wear on their sleeves, they have a perfect representation of what their vision has always been – heavy psych pop that can make the listener groove and dance.  But beyond the sound, the band has done something even more timely and important, and that is to add a soundtrack to this new record enthusiast times.  “We love everything inspired and here in our comfort space our womb this is our ode to what inspires us.”  No matter what dark negative forces there are in the outside world, in this shelter we can be safe and inspired as the young of heart of this generation.

Warble Womb will be released on Xemu Records on 7th October 2013.

Dead Meadow 'Warble Womb' Artwork

Dead Meadow will be playing at the Liverpool Psych Fest and and Austin Psych Fest in France!  Label-mates, Strangers Family Band will be opening for Dead Meadow on their UK tour – dates below:

21/09/13 : Psych Fest @ Le Chebada – Angers (France)
23/09/13 : The Haunt – Brighton (UK)
24/09/13 : The Shacklewell Arms – London (UK)
25/09/13 : Exchange – Bristol (UK)
26/09/13 : Taylor John’s – Coventry (UK)
27/09/13 : Liverpool Psych fest – Liverpool (UK)
28/09/13 : The Cluny – Newcastle (UK)
29/09/13 : Broadcast – Glasgow (UK)
30/09/13 : Sneaky Peates – Edinburgh (UK)
02/10/13 : Firebug – Leicester (UK)
03/10/13 : Colchester Arts Centre – Colchester (UK)

Source: Silver PR