Corpselogic – Artwork For Bands Collective Featuring The Talents Of Tas, Jondix, Andrew Sloan & More!


Corpselogic is a group of eight international artists with extensive experience designing artwork and merchandising for metal bands. This group was formed because of the passion for metal music by all eight members, making Corpselogic one of the most specialised groups of graphic artists devoted to extreme and alternative music.

The members of Corpselogic have prepared artwork for some prestigious metal bands including Neurosis, St.Vitus, High on Fire, Candlemass, Electric Wizard, Pentagram, Napalm Death, Tombs, Altar of Plagues, Doomriders among others. Corpselogic was born as a solution to the growing demand for quality artwork by record labels, recording studios, consecrated metal bands and of course for newer bands with less resources.

Corpselogic is formed by Tas, Jondix, Thomas Hooper, Tim Lehi, Andrew Sloan, Joseph Diaz, Jane Lives and Andrew Lebanaris.

More info and examples of their work can be viewed at