CONAN: Roadburn Records Set To Release ‘Mount Wrath – Live At Roadburn 2012’ + New Merch & Euro 2013 Tour Dates


Roadburn Records is proud to announce the third show from Roadburn 2012 to make it to an official release. After Chelsea Wolfe and Bongripper, the mighty CONAN gets the Live At Roadburn treatment. The gig the British threesome did in Stage 1 was massive and left many a spectator standing with their mouths open and their ears closed. The band calls the album: Mount Wrath – Live At Roadburn.

The live recordings were mixed and mastered again by James Plotkin in New York just like he did for the Monnos album and the artwork was once again in the hands of the master Tony Roberts which you can check out below and the planned release dates for the different formats are as follows:

1st February 2013 Digital Release (on Bandcamp ‘pay what you want’ basis)
1st March 2013 CD Release
1st April 2013 LP Release

Conan 'Mount Wrath - Live At Roadburn 2012' Artwork

In other CONAN news, 2012 also saw the band release several shirts, some in limited numbers. In 2013 they have several new designs planned, but first they wanted to re-release some of out established designs. This will be setup a little differently. For all those that pre-order the new designs this week, there will be a multiple colour options of the Monnos, Sentinel and Horseback Battle Hammer designs. For all preorders please head over to the bands Big Cartel store at

Available colours: Black, Charcoal, Cardinal, Dark Chocolate, Forest Green, Ash Grey, Sports Grey, Red. In a few weeks the designs will all revert back to their original colours, white on black print apart from Horseback Battle Hammer which will be black on red.

Conan - Merch 2013

2013 will see us head out to Europe in February, Finland in March, UK in April and Denmark in May which also takes in an appearance Heavy Days In Doomtown Festival in Copenhagen, the dates are below and for all venue information including maps, please visit

February 8th Le Havre, France
February 9th Amsterdam, Netherlands
February 10th Paris, France
February 11th Club Dijon, France
February 12th Zurich, Switzerland
February 13th Dornbirn, Austria
February 14th Praha-Břevnov, Czech Republic
February 15th Pardubice, Czech Republic
February 16th Leipzig, Germany
February 17th Potsdam, Germany
February 18th Hamburg, Germany
February 20th Dresden, Germany
February 21th Brussels, Belgium
March 21st Turku, Finland
March 22nd Helsinki, Finland
March 23rd Oulu, Finland
May 4th Copenhagen, Denmark (Heavy Days In Doomtown)