CONAN: Recent Tour Reports, Hard Rock Hell Confirmation + Recording, Gigs & Merch Info


CONAN recently sent out the following press statement about their recent jaunts to Incubate in The Netherlands and dates in Ireland along with news of being confirmed for Hard Rock Hell for later in the year, read on for the official statement…

Hello all, thanks for staying on our mailing list. We find this is a good way of keeping in touch with people and is an alternative to the buzzwords and fucking around on Facebook.

Some news – the trip to Holland was great, Basingstoke on the way down was cool and we drove straight to Dover afterwards for a 2am ferry. Incubate was a great day, those guys at the 013 are just excellent at what they do and it was nice for us to get a brief taste what the bigger bands presumably get more regularly.

The day after we went to Utrecht for a launch party show (Terzij de Horde) where we played with them an also Ortega and other local supports – cheers to Johan! Congrats on the wedding. That night we were offered accommodation in a local squat but couldn’t get an answer on the door so we drove down to Dunkerque and our regular ‘post ferry’ hotel, where we stayed overnight. The next night was Old Blue Last in London, this was a great show and we were surprised by a very healthy Monday night turnout.

Next up was Ireland (Cork, Galway, Dublin and Belfast). This was cool too and we got to play with some ace bands (Rites and Zom being particularly cool). Highlights for us were hanging out with the lads in Slomatics and the Belfast show where we got to play with three Matamp heads – tone for ever.

So here we are in the present day. We’re writing a new album currently and haven’t decided what to call it, but we’ll get there once something comes to mind. We record three tracks in November at Full Stack Studio (Matt from Bastard of The Skies runs it) and after that we’ll keep writing and get a new album out at some point in 2013. In amongst all that we are looking at the new artwork for our (as yet) unannounced next release – what we have so far looks great.

The rolling stone gathers no moss.

We have some Merch left over from our recent tours in limited sizes so have a look over on our Big Cartel store at to see if anything appeals to you.

We have just been confirmed for this years Hard Rock Hell which will run from 29th November – 3rd December at Haven Holiday Park, Hafan Y Mor. This event is already sold out. For more details please visit and below is our tour schedule for the rest of the year.

22nd Nov: 13th Note, Glasgow
23rd Nov: The Tunnels Aberdeen
24th Nov: Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle Upon Tyne
1st Dec: Sheffield
8th Dec: Six D.o.g.s, Athens, Greece

You can also keep an eye on our confirmed gigs at

Cheers, as always, for all your support.

Jon – Paul – Phil