Castles Sign To EyesofSound Records


Castles, the Belgian rock trio, are proud to announce their happy union with London-based label EyesofSound, and the forthcoming release of their debut album You, The Organ Grinder.

The intrepid riff-seekers-featuring former Beecher vocalist, Edward Godby – crossed the Channel this summer to lay down ten tracks of balls-out, heavy noiserock with producer Chris Fielding (Primordial, Electric Wizard, Taint). Those tracks make up You,The Organ Grinder, which will be released digitally and on limited edition CD in January 2012.

Edward comments:
“The three of us just wanted a holiday in Wales, because of our unhealthy fixation with sheep and accents, two things that Wales provides in copious supply. On arrival we happened upon Chris Fielding, a man, who told us that we struck him as a real bunch of lads, a trio that might be capable of creating something worth listening to. We gave it a go, because the sheep and the accents, it transpired, had limited appeal.”

EyesofSound label boss, Ryan Berry had the following to say on the signing of Castles “We’re excited to be working once again with Mr Godby and his cohorts that complete Castles in this cross channel collaboration”

Plans for a limited edition vinyl release are also in the pipeline.

Castles are currently streaming the title track from the album on their website at

Source: Pioneer Music Press