Bilocation Records Announces New Signings; RUBY THE HATCHET, MAMMOTHWING & CHILD

Bilocation Records

Everyone’s favorite vinyl lovin’ label, Germany’s Bilocation Records, are proud to announce 3 new signings to their ever expanding roster, the bands in question are RUBY THE HATCHET, MAMMOTHWING & CHILD, read on for more info about each band…

Ruby The Hatchet

Since its formation four years ago, RUBY THE HATCHET has quickly gained a reputation as a formidable force, both on record and on stage. Born in a New Jersey basement, the five-piece boasts a riff-centered, hard hitting rock sound that has infected the Philadelphia music scene with a unique blend of psychedelic undertones, wailing vocal melodies and raw-power energy. RUBY THE HATCHET‘s psychedelia-laced power-rock conjures visions of midnight councils and sinister sorcery, appropriating a storm of distorted axe-wielding as a vehicle of enchantment, with seductive songstress Jillian Taylor overlaying a series of bewitching spellbound poetics. In 2012, the band released their debut full length, Ouroboros, a record that oozed dark and unresolved mystique. RUBY followed up with an ominous two-song EP the following year entitled, The Eliminator.

Bilocation Records will release the band’s 2012 offering Ouroboros added with the fantastic tracks from their recent 7″ The Eliminator.


MAMMOTHWING were formed under the blood red moon of summer solstice 2013. Coming from a blues/doom/psych background, the strange sounds of brothers Marty Fisher (guitar + vocals) and Billy Fisher (bass + vocals) melded perfectly with the trancelike grooves of Kev Richardson Jr (drums). In the centre of Nottingham, England, their self built studio ‘The Room of Doom’ was to be home to sonic experimentation and debauchery. Improvised jams flowed into full tilt rock. No two shows were the same. People listened, people cried.

With their first album due for release on Bilocation Records this year, MAMMOTHWING continue to produce a unique sound which is at once dynamic, moving and crushingly heavy. ‘A cosmic mind voyage from doom valley to blues mountain’


Three piece Stoner Blues outfit from Melbourne, Australia. CHILD have been spraying their fuzz across the countryside since late 2012. Some say they were born from Jackals, others say they are the result of the Institution. The truth is they are a bunch of long haired scallywags who have a fetish for perforated eardrums!

Bilocation Records will release their eponymous full length debut filled with bluesy heavyrock to blow you away!

As always, every album will be given the usual Bilocation Records treatment as each release will be specially mastered for vinyl for maximum listening pleasure and pressed on 180g vinyl housed in handnumbered heavy gatefold sleeves.