BEEHOOVER: Exclusive Stream Of New Track ‘Dear Mammoth’; New Album ‘The Devil And His Footmen’ Set For September Release


BEEHOOVER are back, breaking a three year studio silence with an outrageous deluge of din in the form of new album The Devil And His Footmen, due for a release on Exile On Mainstream and today The Sleeping Shaman is hosting an exclusive stream for the track ‘Dear Mammoth‘ which you can check out in all its eccentricity below.

The multi-faceted clawing at the stoner doom mantle which defined their 2010 full length, Concrete Catalyst, has been taken to pastures fresh; selfrecorded behind the locked doors of their own studio, BEEHOOVER’s latest is a swirl of raw, sultry tones and rumbling octaves that strikes chords with braggadocio 70’s hard rock as much as it does the thunderous rumble of Black Cobra and the jutting angles of Unsane. BEEHOOVER are at their most rocking here, tangling the long hair of the headbangers with all the genres of beard in one matted toupee of oddball rhythms and histrionic vocals. Formed in 2003, the German duo known as BEEHOOVER have released three albums to date, capitalising on their distinctive drum and bass concoction.

Beehoover 'The Devil And His Footmen' Artwork

The Devil And His Footmen will be the fourth album by BEEHOOVER released on Exile On Mainstream on the 30th September 2013 and will be available as CD, LP and Digital formats.

The Devil And His Footmen buzzes with eccentric electric – grit your teeth and enjoy the sting.