Asphyx To Play Their Slowest Death Doom At Roadburn Festival 2013

Roadburn 2013 - Asphyx

Walter & Co are extremely pleased to announce that Asphyx will be playing a special set of their slowest death / doom (only throwing in a couple buzzing, diabolical tracks for good measure) at the Roadburn Festival 2013 on Saturday, April 20th at Het Patronaat in Tilburg, Holland.

Formed back in 1987, The Netherland’s very own Asphyx quickly established themselves at the cutting edge of the burgeoning death metal scene by way of releasing two immortal classics, The Rack (1991) and The Last One On Earth (1992). Well known for their absolute no-frills, authentic approach, the band’s massive slab of death/doom revolves around the legendary insane death roar of Martin van Drunen, underpinned by raw, crushing riffs and pounding doomy grooves swathed in an ominous atmosphere.

After the genre’s implosion back in the mid 90′s, Asphyx disbanded only to rise again for an unbelievably successful reunion show as headlining act at 2007’s Party.San festival in Germany. Further live shows followed, as legions of underground supporters were yearning for a proper comeback. With the release of 2009′s Death… The Brutal Way, the interest in ‘these living legends of old school death metal’ was bigger than back in the early 90′s when they carved the band moniker deep into the annals of death metal history.

By releasing 2012′s stunning Deathhammer (Century Media), the band is keeping traditional death metal as true, honest and thrilling as ever. However, especially for Roadburn Festival 2013, Asphyx will put emphasis on their most epic, crushing material, played with guts and balls, and which will guarantee pure death / doom rapture. Along the way, Asphyx‘ undisputable influence on many bands that have shredded Roadburn stages will become apparent as well.

Roadburn Festival 2013 will run for four days from Thursday, April 18th to Sunday, April 21st, 2013 (the traditional Afterburner event) at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland.