2 New Releases From Totalrust Music By CULT OF OCCULT & THE KNELL

Totalrust Music have announced the release of 2 new albums from CULT OF OCCULT & THE KNELL.

Cult Of Occult 'Hic Est Domus Diaboli' Artwork

CULT OF OCCULT spew forth ‘Hic Est Domus Diaboli’ which is the second album from the French four headed behemoth and it delivers six new tracks of hateful Sludge / Doom. Ultra heavy, misanthropic journey of 70 minutes that will drag you down with no mercy. Extremely powerful, evil and oppressive, this blackened slab of DOOM is here to destroy.

The Knell 'Winter Shade XIII' Artwork

While THE KNELL unleash ‘Winter Shade XIII’ which is a compilation of demo tracks and rare outtakes from this Israeli DOOM/Death beast. A nice way to celebrate the band’s 15 years of existence and is released as a CD-R with full colour sleeve, hand numberded to 66 copies and there’s only a few copies left, so act fast!

To order, email gad [at] totalrust-music [dot] com and he’ll reply with details on how to make payment.