11 Paranoias To Level Roadburn Festival 2014

Roadburn 2014 - 11Paranoias

Roadburn love primeval heaviness and to worship at the altar of THEE RIFF. They occasionally like to dwell in blackened psychedelic nightmares too, so behold our new mystikal guides in darkness:
11 Paranoias! Oh, how we have longed for thee.

Ever since Roadburn heard the first hazy, warped jams by this unholy trinity of Bong’s Mike Vest (guitars / effects) and Ramesses’ members Adam Richardson (bass / vocals) and drummer Mark Greening (now replaced by Nathan Perrier of Capricorns),  they’ve been hurtling ever downwards on their drugged-out journey to end all journeys.

Formed during a heady jam on the eerie palindromic day of 11/11/11, 11 Paranoias dip liberally into krautrock and free jazz, as well as hypnotic, fucked-up doom. Like Hawkwind gobbling fistfuls of downers rather than LSD, or Loop being high as kite on Amon Düül II, 11 Paranoias‘ debut EP, Superunnatural, is a stiff belt of cough syrup before launching into some serious inner space exploration.

11 Paranoias is sure to level Het Patronaat in Tilburg, The Netherlands on Saturday, April 12th with their slow burning, lysergic, swirling space-doom-noise and sheer cosmic heaviness, but we’re not sure if we at Roadburn will be able partake in this smoldering ritual, as we’re afraid that we may still be lost in the void by then.

Ramesses may be on hold for now, but long live 11 Paranoias!