Ramesses / Sourvein / Thade – Manchester 19/04/06

Star & Garter, Manchester 19/04/06

Local band Thade opened tonight’s gig. A new act on me but Lee had seen these lads before and had informed me they where cool. Well Mr. Edwards knows his stuff and he was spot on with this lot. Huge brooding riffs with a mix of faster sections topped of nicely with a manic dual vocal attack. At times reminding me of Atavist with their big riffage, a band to watch. Should be interesting to hear a proper recording by these lads.


Onto Sourvein who tonight (and for the rest of the UK Tour) have none other than the Reverend Al from the Blood Island Raiders playing bass for them. I must confess to not being to familiar with Sourvein’s material but they played a good solid set, packed with head nodding riffs. A track called ‘Bangleaf’ seemed to be the most warmly appreciated and what a huge riffin monster it was to! To finish up on, Al did a great job of this bass duties and you would have never know it was not his first instrument.


Finally onto tonight’s headliners, Ramesses, who I had not seen for a good while. Not ones to disappoint, this three piece ripped through a set of twisted, claustrophobic, ritual doom. The entire band is in good form tonight making the set confident and tight. The stand out track of the night for me is the classic ‘Black Domina’ which they delivered with zeal. Finishing up by descending into a snail pace doom drone which saw Mark Greening trying to destroy the kit with his sticks. First night of the tour for the last two bands and if this is anything to go by it should be a belter!

Scribed by: Mark Burns
Photos by: Lee Edwards