Nekrasov Interview

I happened upon Nekrasov in the way that many people do these days, via mutual friends on the polarised Myspace. The shitty Myspace Player served well and I obtained “Form of Thought Through Beast” & “Into The No-Mans Sphere Of The Ancient Days”, what Nekrasov displayed was a seamless unification of mystical dark ambient noise & blackened metal. Recently, I caught up with the man behind the entity known as Nekrasov.

Was the decision to be a solo project a pre-meditated one? Or did it come around due to a lack of personnel?

Neither. Nekrasov has really been something that I’ve always done since I was a mini-beast. Started playing guitar when I was around 4-5. Discovered the realms of extraterrestrial ‘sounds’ around 8, via basic guitar pedals. I became pretty much obsessed at that age with ‘the unorthodox ‘. I was/am a ‘metal’ guitarist but would also spend hours working with soundscapes etc.. But that was utter infancy.

I really never intended for its release and this is not to say that I am trying to remain ‘kvlt’ – I just did it because that’s what I wanted to listen to, assumed others wouldn’t have been interested and just continued to make tapes purely for me.

A few people had recommended that I release it. So I did.

Do you feel that solo projects display a sense of misanthropy? Especially with you releasing things yourself? Like a distrust of anyone and everything?

Would that be true also for Kenny Loggins?

Misanthropy, is an obvious tone within Nekrasov. The spheres of ‘both’ aspects to Nekrasov is when one denies itself and others. Not really by a disgust or energy of hatred but moreso the utter exhausted disinterest of both. There is, of course, aggression in Nekrasov here and there – but it’s not pointing to anywhere in particular; the force and energy of it is, of course, fundamental.

The self release format is important especially in this era. It’s important to be true when turning sound/philosophy into a product. Nekrasov is a very personal beast, so the releases come out that way. There is, I think, a lot more decent DIY labels out there but I don’t think they’re that interested in gambling with Nekrasov – ie. Not consistent. Blah blah. I’m not, thankfully, on the hip list.

There is a lot of distrust of others but it’s not a concern as I am the only one doing it. I record a lot and when done try to somehow put it out, that’s it. No fancy fucking spells there.

How is it in Australia? Is there any scene that Nekrasov is part of?

Australia is a strange place. Built on toothless rapists.

Nekrasov cannot really belong to a scene. It’s just not that sort of thing.


What about the writing process, do you have any specific method?


Being totally consumed by the endless black void.

What influences Nekrasov? Is it strict audible influence or is visual media an influence?

The ‘spiritual’ is a shopping centre from black metal to Tom Hanks. This disgust allows me to remove to my little den, abandon what’s out there…to that ‘black pain at the body’s core’.

Not to be ‘free’ but to be bound by the black space expansion. That’s the biggest influence on Nekrasov.

How do you strike a balance between the non conventional sounds and the music? Do you have any weighting issues or is it just what feels right?

Both, but this is very difficult to answer – it’s really all about what feels ‘wrong’.

What is your opinion on the music scene worldwide? How relevant do you think Nekrasov is on a local scale and a worldwide scale? What have you got to offer?

As Nekrasov is just one freak trying to contact the cosmic death of eternal nothingness, the opinion of the worldwide music scene isn’t really dealt with. But, I will say that I have been quite overwhelmed at the distros who have taken the albums and given me such strong support. For years I had lost hope (in ‘the scene’), but there’s a lot of fine mutants out there.

Relevant? I have no idea what you mean by this? What is relevant?

Relevant in the sense as your output is comparable to your peers or influences maybe?

I would really have no idea who my peers are. I am known on such a tiny scale in even the underground that I dare say that Nekrasov is ‘relevant’.

What about the Nekrasov VHS, will that ever be transferred onto DVD? Or uploaded onto the internet for broader consumption?

Maybe. I am not planning on it. I really like the VHS format for what’s on there. DVD just seems a little too ‘clean’ for it. But, it seemed I was alone in that, as most people wanted a fucking DVD. I might just blue tooth it to spleens. More likely it will stay a VHS.

Is there any reason as to why Nekrasov releases are so limited?

Money. Time. And, really, what’s a Nekrasov?


I have no idea, what is the meaning behind the name?

What I meant in that previous response is that most people have no idea about Nekrasov. There’s plagues of bands out there so it’s absurd on my end to release large amounts. There’s been a lot of support but a lot dissatisfied by the rigid contrast between the voids of black metal, noise and ambient. For some reason people need an album to ‘flow’, to feel comfortable in it…it’s really quite strange. I thought it was quite obvious but it comes across (to some) as error. Regardless, it’s a good outcome. Nekrasov is an outsider realm; relative to isolation and the nothing.

Nekrasov is my last name. So, the music is just who I am.

I described Nekrasov once as in Emperor recording “In The Nightside Eclipse” in a burning factory. How comfortable are you with that term?

You’re quite proud of that, aren’t you?

I certainly am, as I prefer stuff like that to compare a sound rather than stupid nouns. So are you comfortable with it or am I spewing forth bullshit?

Yes, I understand now. Instead of the old ‘fookin broodal shit’ you gave it some decency. Yes, I much prefer this. Recording in a burning factory would be fookin broodal. And no, it didn’t sound like bullshit to me.

‘Stupid nouns’ – you tell ’em!

Would Nekrasov ever consider drafting session members in and playing live?

I have thought about a live show. But, at the moment it’s a long way off. It’s important to me that a live situation to be a truly disturbing and threatening experience. There’s not enough of that around these days…

I don’t rule it out but it’s not a high priority right now and it would take a lot of work.

What does the future hold for Nekrasov?

So far there is:

– Nekrasov split with Moon and Nekros Manteia CD on Fall of Nature records.
– Nekrasov/Humiliation split/collab CD on NEW.SCREAM.INDUSTRIES
– Nekrasov/ONDO split LP on Peasant Magik
– Cassette release of INTO THE NO-MANS-SPHERE OF THE ANCIENT DAYS and THE FORM OF THOUGHT FROM BEAST on Winterreich – ultra limited to 50 copies

Discussions of LP versions of both Into… and Form…

Third album is complete. I am utterly broke so we’ll see if that makes it out soon. I am really hoping for a decent label to work with as I am finding the ‘other’ side to the Nekrasov beast (distro etc) to be taking up a lot of time and it’s starting to cut into recording time.

Regardless, there’s much more dark matter to push into skulls…

Would you like to add any final words?

Many thanks for your support and interest comrade.

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Interviewed by: Jas Murray