Coffins Interview

“Fuck your hyper blast machine aided triggered drums, fuck your pro-tools guitar Malmsteen-wank-off and fuck your meaningless multi-word band name because Coffins represent what Death Metal is and always was. A dirty, messy, noisy expression of negativity, a true outsider’s art form.”

These words, echoed on this here website pretty much sum up the no-frills death metal by Japans Coffins. A review of their album “Buried Death” can be found in the reviews section. If old school death metal is your thing then I urge tyou to check them out as they bring back that feel long before every death metal guitarist decided he had to make his guitar squeak to form a brutal riff. I recently caught up with Uchino for a few words…

How did Coffins form?

Coffins was born in 1996. We were playing sounds like Swans, Scorn and Godflesh in those days. We experienced some member changes, also we were changing to the doom rock sound like Cathedral and Kyuss at that time. We didn’t almost play a show. So as I wanted to do the show, I joined another band. Other members also did the same. COFFINS stopped activity in 2000. I and YOU started COFFINS again in 2003. At that time we were playing the doom/death type sound like Winter and Divine Eve. As our old bassist left from this band in 2005, KOREEDA was added in 2006. The current members are UCHINO – Guitars/Vocal, YOU – Drums, KOREEDA – Bass/Backing vocal.

Has anyone in the band been in bands previous to Coffins?

In 1994, I was playing in a band of a Swans/Scorn type heavy junk sound called Compromise You Need with Negishi. The band changed the name and was set to Coffins. He already left from Coffins in 2000. I plan to start Compromise You Need again by the name “CYN” next year with new members.

Japan has a superb pedigree of extreme music, have you been influenced in anyway by any of these bands, or do you draw more western influences?

Of course, we have received the influence from various Japanese bands like SOB, Sabbat, Gauze, Systematic Death, Corrupted, Zenigeva, early Boris. Especially we received a big big influence from Japanese early’90s death metal bands, like… Transgressor(pre-Anatomia), Maggoty Corpse, Equinox, Damnation Alley… and many more. Our re-starting is the influence from Grudge. I also received the western influence. Winter, Divine Eve, Goatlord, Derketa, All of ’80s – early ’90s thrash/death/doom/hardcore…a huge list of bands I can’t write here!


Japan has been noted for its faster bands, was the decision to play predominantly slow a deliberate move or a more subconscious effort?

It was a natural result. Before, I was playing in fast band like ENT and Disrupt. As I got bored with it, I began the slow heavy junk band. Those days almost no the type band was in the Japanese underground scene. And I and YOU were also playing the sludge band before Coffins re-started. We seem to love slow heavy sound fundamentally.

Obviously the most famous Japanese doom band would be Corrupted. Like Coffins they too have had a prolific output. Why do you think this is?

They are Japanese slow band pioneers. So we are under the influence. Their greatness is not only in a sound source but in their overwhelming live performance. After they had shown up, all Japanese slow bands mimicked them. Big guitar/bass amp, Big drum set and low growl voice…

Japanese pop culture seems to take western ideas and go completely over the top, do you agree? Take Takashi Miike for example. Do any visual media influence Coffins?

I don’t know, but Japanese pop culture is fucked. It’s the truth.


What are your opinions on fellow Japanese band, Gallhammer? Do you think if you guys were girls you could share the same mainstream success as them?

They are my friends, we are often playing with them. Awesome band!! Well…as they have a peculiar musicality background, the same success as them will not be obtained even if we are girls.

How is life on 20 Buck Spin? They seem to be building a reputation for producing consistently good bands! What do you think you bring to the label?

20 Buck Spin is such a cool label!! They bring us sufficient support. We will update release work with them as much as possible, as we are satisfied with their posture.

How were the recent dates in the US? Did the Maryland Deathfest live up to your expectations?

Awesome!! Overseas freaks power was beyond our imagination by far. Very powerful!! As we received their reaction directly, we were able to get very big harvest. We have the plan to perform US tour again next year.

Are there any plans to come to Europe?

In fact, it’s under negotiation now. We always hope to tour Europe. We will certainly realise it.


Would Coffins ever consider adding another guitarist?

I’m not sure, but if the guy who understands our style of playing and has cooperativeness, we may inquire.

What equipment does Coffins use?

Coffins guitar sound is Greco’s Les Paul, Marshall JCM-800 and Big Muff. I forget about the Drum and Bass sound/setting, sorry.

What does the future hold for Coffins?

We will begin work on our 4th album next year. It’s due to be released from 20 Buck Spin again. Otherwise some splits will also be released with Lobotomized, Pig Destroyer, Spun In Darkness and more…

Any last words?

Thanks for your support, doom on!!

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Interviewed by: Jas Murray