Author & Punisher Interview

This year saw the release of the excellent ‘Drone Machines’ album by Author & Punisher, being not only a fantastically modern piece of industrial drone metal, it also features some of the most unique ways of creating and manipulating sound that have been pioneered in, well almost ever really.

Having reviewed the album and spent a fair bit of time reading up on the methods and thought processes behind it’s creation so I wanted to email the mastermind behind Author & Punisher, Tristan Shone, and ask him more about his vision. As luck would have it he was over in England for a short period and very kindly suggested to meet and talk to me in person.

The following interview took place in the beer garden of The Moon & Sixpence in Celvedon near Bristol on the 18th September. There are a few background noises but we spoke at length about Dub Step, Musical Influences, Gigging, Football and of course The Drone Machines.

A big thanks to Tristan for making time in his busy schedule and fighting off a hangover to talk about this project when he should have probably been looking for his rental car keys.

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Author & Punisher

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Interviewed by: Mark Hunt-Bryden