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ENTH / AMAROK Split LP Now Available

6th March 2012

Enth / Amarok - Split LP Artwork

Boue Records in collaboration with Halo Of Flies and Orca Wolf (US) along with Vendetta and At War With False Noise (Europe),  this week release a heavy doom induced slab of wax featuring ENTH and AMAROK and here’s what the Boue Records had to say about the split LP…

“A massive doom assault, ENTH from Poland play kind of funeral doom metal with a strong Corrupted influence. Perhaps it’s because of the piano parts that they add to their song. AMAROK from California (US) mix Khanate drone doom style with a great modern doom touch in the way of Thou and Cough. With a great dual vocals.”

The Split LP is limited to 500 copies on black vinyl, which you can also stream below, with the option of purchasing a back patch for each band.

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