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22nd June 2012

Scythling - Artwork

SCYTHLING is the project of Aidan Baker (Nadja, Whisper Room, Infinite Light Ltd.) & Josh Rothenberger (Bloody Panda) recorded live-in-studio in Brooklyn, NY in February 2008. The resultant material was subsequently re-worked and -shaped into the three tracks featured on ‘Smokefall’, including independent contributions from various guest musicians.

The resultant album combines elements of both Baker’s and Rothenberger’s respective bands to create something new, a mixture of heavy drones and spacious ambient, creeping darkness and eerie light. The additional textures brought to the table, such as the vocals of Rebecca Fasanello and the hammered dulcimer of Michael Tamburo, further elevate the release into transcendent realms.

Presented as a digipack CD. 2LP with download card to follow in the next 28 days, you can also purchase your copy and check out a stream of the track ‘SmokefallHERE.

Pyramids With Wraiths 'Magpie & Raven' Artwork

PYRAMIDS WITH WRAITHS ‘Magpie & Raven’ is presented as a limited edition one-sided clear vinyl LP in a signature AB vellum-style sleeve with artwork by noted tattoo artist Simon Erl. The multi-layered artwork can all be seen as one whole when held up to the light. Comes with an MP3 download card. Housed in heavy PVC outer sleeve. Edition of 350. Shirts will finally be shipping next week after some delays due to the fine lines of the artwork, the cassette has sold out and you can also stream the track HERE.

Thisquietarmy 'Vessels' Artwork

THISQUIETARMY ‘Vessels’ LP out now. Aurora Borealis are very proud to finally present the vinyl edition of this stunning album, and it truly sounds immense in this format!

‘Vessels’ is presented as a limited edition clear vinyl LP in a signature AB vellum-style sleeve with an MP3 download card. Housed in heavy PVC outer sleeve, limited edition of 300 and you stream the track ‘The Pacific TheatreHERE.

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