Get Involved

If music is your driving force, if rhythm courses through your veins then the Shaman may be prepared to take you into his fold. It seems that everyone wants the Shaman to hold court and expound his opinions on the musical outpourings of a waiting world. Impressive (flaky?) as the Shaman may be he is only human and subject to the same laws of time and space as all other mortals so needs to expand his tribe of learned brethren to help spread the word of rock.

Assuming English is your Mother Tongue (or even a close second) and you have the capacity to string words together in a coherent and articulate manner then the Shaman would like to share his musical world with you and elicit your opinions on all things heavy…yes, The Sleeping Shaman needs reviewers!!!

There is no financial reward, reward comes in the form of music, some physical, some ethereal, some in the live arena in return for which you will be asked to provide your opinions. Grammatical skill is required but enthusiasm counts for more than experience.

For those of a more visual nature, The Sleeping Shaman also requires photographers to capture musical gatherings. Again expertise and experience are not high on the list of requirements but quality is…let’s keep those mobiles in pockets for this one shall we!!!

If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity, the Shaman is waiting to hear from you, simply fill out the form below and he’ll get back to you soon.